Bluewater owns and operates a fleet of five Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) installations around the globe currently leased to oil & gas companies. EPS was requested to undertake a comprehensive electrical protection offshore survey of their Haewene Brim FPSO, the survey consisted of a 4 day period gathering details of electrical protection settings for the entire distribution network. EPS produced a total of 75 off schedules which were issued detailing the MV and LV electrical protection distribution system.

The up to date protection schedules were then used to create a comprehensive power system model with each protection device. This model was used to create a range of time current curves for a large number of individual circuits with a protection study report.

EPS provided recommendations based of on the findings from the protection report that would enhance the protection and increase the reliability of the electrical distribution system.

We’re currently undertaking an Arc Flash Assessment report complete with an Arc Flash risk assessment with recommendations of how to mitigate potential high energy arc flash using existing protection devices and how to protect their work force.

Given the tight deadlines and budget restraints, the level of service Engineering Power Solutions provided was outstanding. The offshore UPS consolidation project was engineered and designed to the platform’s requirements and offshore standards minimising platform shutdowns.

Mr Low – Petrofac Oil&Gas