Quality Policy

Quality Policy

This policy applies to all operations and locations for which Engineering Power Solutions Ltd. has responsibility. Engineering Power Solutions Ltd. provides project management, procurement, FEED studies, detailed design, construction and the procurement of goods and services for the fabrication, installation, commissioning and maintenance of engineering projects. 

Engineering Power Solutions Ltd. operate a business management system (BMS) in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001: 2015 and is committed to delivering quality services on time and to budget, that meet or exceed our customer’s requirements, incorporating the key principles of continual improvement. 

Within the ethos of both our Teesside and Aberdeen offices, the purpose of this policy is to provide a focus to direct the organisation and demonstrate the Board of Directors and Senior Management’s dedication to quality. Engineering Power Solutions Ltd. exists to empower its clients to succeed through following its own TRUE values of Trust, Results, Unity and Excellence. 

By adopting this strategy, Engineering Power Solutions Ltd. is committed to providing services in accordance with relevant legislative, industry and customer requirements. Engineering Power Solutions Ltd. will: 

  • Identify our customers’ needs and expectations and put systems into practice that allow us to understand and attain the current and future demands of the business. 
  • Implement a system of continual improvement that encourages best practice and employee involvement to attain the highest achievable standards of quality assurance. 
  • Create a positive quality culture by regular visible Senior Management communication, raising awareness of BMS requirements and adopting a systematic approach that encourages best practice and promotes continual improvement to identify new solutions and opportunities. 
  • Ensure all personnel are competent to carry out any task allocated to them and provide necessary training where skills gaps are identified. 
  • Use available data to identify business risks, project risks, customer needs and requirements and continually measure these against the benefits to the company and the customer. 
  • Ensure Senior Management set measurable company objectives and targets based on the requirements of the business plan and action them at appropriate levels throughout the organisation. Monitor performance against objectives to review and update requirements at periodic intervals to ensure continued validity and verify they are managed/resourced with the same priority as other major business goals. 
  • Establish partnerships with internal/external stakeholders, clients, vendors, contractors and interested parties who receive our products or services, or who may be impacted by them, or those parties who may otherwise have a significant interest in our company including notified bodies and develop these relationships to provide improved service. 
  • Communicate this policy and the drive behind it within Engineering Power Solutions Ltd., so that all employees recognise and participate in our commitment to meeting our stated targets and the importance of the BMS and within the ethos of both the Teesside and Aberdeen office “Business Principles”. 

This policy will be periodically reviewed as part of Engineering Power Solutions Ltd.’s annual BMS management review process, to ensure its continued suitability.