Energy Saving Studies

At Engineering Power Solutions (EPS), our experienced power system consultants conduct detailed energy saving studies to optimise energy consumption across various industries. Leveraging extensive knowledge and expertise, our Chartered Electrical Engineers highlight cost-effective and environmentally conscious approaches to energy management. These audits provide valuable insights into energy usage patterns, identify areas for improvement, and drive the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your operations.

EPS Services:

  • Energy audits: we assess your current energy consumption patterns and provide detailed recommendations for energy saving measures.
  • Implementation Support: If desired, our team or electrical consultants can assist in implementing energy-saving strategies.
  • Measurement and Verification: We offer post-implementation assessments to ensure the effectiveness of energy-saving initiatives.




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Elevate your electrical infrastructure with Engineering Power Solutions (EPS). Our team of chartered electrical engineers delivers trusted, cost-effective solutions for conventional & industrial energy, transmission & distribution, and onshore/offshore renewables.

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 We don’t just identify opportunities for energy savings; we help you implement and measure their impact, ensuring a tangible return on investment.