Onshore Renewables

Harnessing the Power of Onshore Renewables

Over the years Engineering Power Solutions (EPS) has provided engineering and design services to innumerable onshore renewable projects across the UK. With the ever-growing adoption of green energies such as solar PV, onshore wind farms, anaerobic digestion, and hydroelectric energy, we are committed to providing innovative solutions which optimise performance and the overall cost-effectiveness of your electrical infrastructure.

Onshore Renewables - A wind farm on a clear day
Onshore renewable - Solar Farm

Solar Farms

EPS collaborate extensively with clients to better understand their energy demands, grid connection viability, regulatory benchmarks, and long-term sustainability goals. Our electrical engineering consultancy and design services are tailored to support the further development and optimisation of solar projects across the UK. We have extensive experience in planning, modelling, and designing photovoltaic (PV) solar farms.

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies  such as ETAP and DIgSILENT, our highly skilled power system consultants handle everything from initial site surveys and feasibility studies to full electrical engineering design.

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Wind Farms

Harnessing wind energy is a crucial element in complying with the UKs ambitious sustainability goals, which requires the deployment of wind turbines on a large scale. These initiatives can be realised through the strategic implementation of wind farms in areas consistent with strong winds.

As a trusted extension to your organisation, EPS’s power system consultants ensure the performance of your assets meets the criteria set by Distribution Network Operators (DNOs), or the National Grid. We offer technical support, including detailed design, earthing studies, transformer energisation studies.

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A couple of turbines within a wind farm on a clear day.
West Boldon (10)-min

Partner With An Established Leader In Electrical Engineering Consultancy and Design

With over a decade of experience spanning hundreds of energy projects, EPS is your trusted partner in powers systems design and electrical engineering consultation services. Using electrical engineering software such as SKM Power Tools, ETAP, ERACs, IPSA or DigSILENT our chartered electrical engineers can provide you with a study report for your power system.

Whether it’s a power system study for the entire wind farm, solar farm, hydro electrical distribution system or a modification/ expansion to your electrical asset, EPS can provide you with the following technical services:

  • Transformer energisation studies.
  • Load flow analysis studies.
  • Short circuit studies.
  • Transient Motor Starting Studies.
  • Harmonic analysis.
  • Protection co-ordination.
  • Arc Flash and switchgear risk assessments.
  • Electrical thermal imaging survey reports.
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Specialist grid connection consultancy services

  • Renewable energy conceptual designs to integrate the renewable energy system into the existing building / manufacturing plants electrical system.
  • Grid connection support for power generation systems for Low Voltage (415V), Medium Voltage (6.6kV and 11kV), High Voltage from 33kV up to 132kV grid connections.
  • Grid connection application forms.
  • Transformer energisation studies.
  • Energy efficiency calculations.
  • Feed in Tariff revenue calculations.
  • Soil resistivity testing.
  • Reactive and active power flow studies (kVAr and kW).
  • Earthing solutions for substations and power generation equipment.
  • Solution provider for onshore and offshore condition monitoring equipment.

Engineering & Design

Due to the high capital expenditure costs associated with renewable generation technology EPS can provide you with a cost effective electrical design for your installation. Typical documentation EPS has provided to previous renewable energy installations include:

  • Substation and plant layout drawings.
  • Electrical protection calculations for both LV and HV equipment.
  • Substation lighting and small power supplies.
  • Earthing and lightning conductor design.
  • High Voltage and Low Voltage equipment specifications.
  • Cable routing drawings.
  • Cable calculations for both Low Voltage and High Voltage cable networks.
  • Bill of Materials.
  • Project capital cost estimates.

Additional services

  • Liaise with DNOs (Distributed Network Operator), SSE, Scottish Hydro, Northern Powergrid, Western Power etc.
  • Provide solutions to grid connection issues.
  •  Onshore surveys.
  • Factory Acceptance Testing.
  • Mechanical and electrical thermal imaging reports for wind turbine machinery, gearboxes, braking systems, generator, electrical equipment (onshore and offshore).

Typical projects

We have the expertise and experience to drive your project forward no matter how large or how small:

  • Nacelle, tower, platform lighting or warning beacon.
  • LV or HV grid connection (wind turbine, solar farm, hydro, anaerobic digestion plant, bio diesel).
  • Auxiliary supplies to retrofit equipment.
  • Grid connection of auxiliary loads.
  • Onshore outdoor / indoor plant lighting and small power.
  • HV and LV electrical protection co-ordination.
  • Modification to existing electrical installations.
  • Additional power generation plant to existing network.
  • Reactive power compensation solutions.
  • kW generation curtailment / control.
  • Wind turbine remote / condition monitoring.