Modern Slavery Policy

Modern Slavery Policy

Engineering Power Solutions Ltd. (EPS) is an electrical engineering consultancy and design company directly employing staff in regional offices and projects across the United Kingdom. We do not currently operate outside of this geographical area. EPS is a supplier of engineering products and services. 

The main sections that EPS work in are manufacturing, water and energy industries.

98% of our materials are purchased directly with UK based suppliers, distributors or agents. These suppliers, distributors or agents may use international Tier Two manufacturers. 

The primary focus of implementing a Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement across EPS is to ensure that anti-slavery activity is recognised and embedded within our business as standard practice. We endeavour to ensure that all staff members, regardless of position, take joint responsibility for the identification and reporting of issues, to ensure basic standards are clearly communicated and met. 

The following is a list of steps we have taken to ensure no Modern Slavery or Human Trafficking exists within our own business or any of our supply chains; 

  1. Amendments to existing EPS Corporate Social Responsibility Statement, stating non- acceptance of Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking in any form and adherence to the 2015 Modern Slavery Act. 
  1. Distribution of the Modern Slavery Statement and supporting information to existing workforce, suppliers, subcontractors and labour providers. Publication of the EPS Modern Slavery Statement on all EPS company websites and within all relevant published media. 
  1. Changes to the structure of our supply chain pre-qualification questionnaire and processes, requesting that all potential suppliers adhere to the ethics detailed in the EPS Corporate Social Responsibility statement and behaviours detailed therein. Signed Acceptance is required. 

Additionally we work in conjunction with Constructionline and Achilles supplier prequalification systems which address the issues of Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking within their integral audit acceptance processes. 

  1. EPS operates and trades in accordance with the Base Code Principles as laid out in the Ethical Trade Initiative. 
  1. Ongoing programme of procurement team training on Ethical Procurement and Supply, in conjunction with the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply, to instil practises of issue identification, reporting methods, issue management and improvement. This staged process will ensure due diligence and transparency of action at all stages. 
  1. Promotion of contact details and awareness of Modern Slavery issues, across our business and supply chains, for individuals to obtain guidance and support, including but not limited to, EPS Whistleblowing Helpline, UK Government Modern Slavery Helpline, Slavery and Human Trafficking helplines for both male and females, and website resources for definitions, identification and practical assistance. 
  1. Distribution of our regularly updated Modern Slavery Statement across our business and supply chain partners. 
  1. Ongoing development of KPI, reporting and auditing measures to ensure continual progress, developed in conjunction with EPS supply chain. 
  1. Delivery of Modern Slavery training within our Corporate Induction presentation to all new members of staff, featuring guidance on identification and methods of reporting suspected instances. 
  1. These measures are subject to ongoing review, and additional measures will be developed and implemented as required, and reviewed as a minimum on an annual basis, within six months of the financial year end, which for EPS is the end of March.