Concept Design and Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

Prior to arranging contracts for construction and equipment, a power system design process establishes a reliable system design for your electrical assets. Concept designs and FEED studies are conducted to design the appropriate power systems that overcome your unique challenges. They can help you save money and reduce the risk and severity of delays further down the project lifecycle.

Electrical Engineering Consultancy

Our team of Chartered Electrical Engineers specialises in a wide range of electrical engineering consultancy services, including:

  • HV/LV Power system analysis and design
  • FEED studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Grid connection support
  • Earthing design
  • Lightning protection design
  • Earthing survey audits

EPS has been providing electrical consultancy services across various energy industries since 2012. We have helped clients achieve their energy goals in sectors including:

  • Renewables (offshore and onshore): biodiesel, anaerobic digestion plants, wind turbines, and large-scale solar farms
  • Transmission & Distribution: 400 kV, 275 kV, 132 kV, 66 kV and 11 kV
  • Petrochemicals & Pharmaceuticals: Refinery plants, LNG plants
  • Oil & Gas: Platforms, satellites and FPSO’s
  • Manufacturing & Process: factories, commercial buildings, offices

Concept Design

Concept design is the initial stage in which ideas come to life, project goals are determined, and the scope of work is specified. This phase serves as the building block for the entire project. EPS works with you to ensure that the project’s overall goals inform a clear plan for your power system. This process typically entails the following:

  • Calculating the overall power consumption
  • Choosing the proper voltage levels
  • Transformer ratings
  • Earthing technique
  • Circuit breaker ratings
  • Fault levels
A power system consultant silhouetted by the sun, standing near an electricity pylon.
A graphic outlining the typical stages of a FEED study.

Front End Engineering Design (FEED Studies)

Large-scale infrastructure projects and Oil & Gas projects are extremely technical and require engineers to take into account a wide variety of technical considerations. EPS has completed several FEED studies for the Oil & Gas industry, specifically for offshore platforms and FPSOs. These studies have ensured that all of the factors have been accounted for prior to project implementation. Moreover, they have led to increased operational efficiency and increased oil production from offshore assets.

Engineering Power Solutions is also taking significant steps towards ensuring that by 2050, the majority of the UK’s electricity will be produced via renewable energy sources. EPS has provided several FEED services for wind turbine developments across England and Scotland. The majority of these developments led to the detailed design and successful implementation of a variety of renewable energy projects, amounting to a total capacity of 234.9 MW.

EPS Expertise

We’re proficient with all AIS and GIS manufacturer equipment types, including ABB, Siemens, GE, and Schneider, including LVAC switchboards, grid transformers, aux transformers, disconnectors, surge arrestors, etc.
Typical projects supported by EPS’s services include:
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)
  • Offshore & onshore wind farms
  • Large solar farms
  • CHP systems
  • Hydro schemes

EPS Experience

Engineering Power Solutions is experienced with primary and secondary engineering for all transmission & distribution substation types, including 400 kV, 275 kV, 132 kV, 66 kV, and 11 kV.
The EPS team has over 100 years of combined experience with:
  • G99 and G100 connection applications
  • Grid code compliance
  • Grid connection studies G5/5, P28, etc.

EPS Compliance

Working to several DNO standards, we provide consultancy services and collaborate with civil engineering firms to deliver detailed designs for new green field substations and extensions to existing substations.
This includes:
  • Primary layouts
  • Structural engineering
  • Earthing designs
  • Single-line diagrams
  • Protection schemes
Projects include LV switchboard replacements both offshore and onshore, distribution boards, UPS systems, packaged substation installations, and containerised packaged process systems.
With our extensive knowledge and expertise in power system designs, we can complete a wide range of projects under budget and in a timely manner. Our electrical engineering design fosters technical excellence and enhances project implementation by sharing innovative technologies and processes across the organisation.

A well-executed concept design can reduce expensive alterations made during the later stages of a project. By collaborating with EPS for concept design and FEED services, you can enhance project efficiency, mitigate risks, and get the most out of your investments.