Feasibility Studies

Without the clarity afforded by feasibility studies, even the most promising ventures can fail. Resource constraints, technological hurdles, and scheduling challenges threaten to hinder progress, casting doubt over the viability of projects. Feasibility studies empower organisations to identify and mitigate project risks, providing them with a clear understanding of their proposed plans. By offering detailed insights and exploring new opportunities and potential roadblocks, feasibility studies can facilitate informed decision-making and increase the likelihood of project success.

Ensuring the Feasibility of Your Energy Projects

Every electrical energy project begins with a feasibility study. Engineering Power Solutions (EPS) can provide these services to a range of clients across several industries. These studies consist of a detailed breakdown of the most relevant factors of a proposed project to determine its likelihood of success. One of the most influential factors outlined in these studies is the potential return on investment of a project. When determining the viability of energy projects, our team considers the number of staff, the budget, and the technology required.

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EPS Services

EPS leverages its experience and expertise to determine whether your project is compliant and whether or not it can meet deadlines and milestones within specified timeframes. Our electrical engineers will assist you in:

  • Collecting and reviewing existing documentation
  • Conducting site visits and assessments
  • Consulting with clients/ stakeholders
  • Researching and analysing options
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Financial Feasibility:
As experienced electrical engineering consultants, we have the expertise and technology necessary to judge a project’s ability to generate money. EPS’s goal is to provide our clients with a detailed understanding of the economic aspects of their projects to help them make well-informed decisions.

Technical Feasibility:
Another aspect of EPS’s feasibility studies entails a thorough examination of the condition, age, and compatibility of your existing electrical assets. This also takes into account any necessary changes or improvements that are required.

Operational Feasibility:
Within our studies, we examine how the proposed specifications will affect your electrical asset’s operations. This includes a holistic view of critical factors such as safety, efficiency, and compliance with industry standards and regulations.

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Why Choose EPS?

A high-level of transparency and integrity is the cornerstone of our pursuit to exceed customers’ expectations. EPS will be your trusted advisor, acting as an extension to your team and delivering engineering solutions. We can identify investment opportunities for clients, by investigating and highlighting opportunities to enhance efficiency, let EPS safeguard your organisation’s future.