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What does EPS do?

We are electrical engineers, designers, managers, and consultants, with several decades of both practical experience of the feasibility, specification and design of electrical infrastructure projects, and hands-on experience of planning, building, operating, and maintaining businesses that generate and consume electrical power.

We provide electrical power engineering solutions that are trusted, cost-effective, reliable, and resilient. EPS has a proven track record and are proud of our excellent reputation for providing value-added services for the energy and manufacturing sectors, both nationally and globally.

The dedicated team of engineering specialists at EPS have worked together for over 15 years and have extensive experience of planning, designing, building, operating, and maintaining electricity plant, and distribution networks. Our team have the design skills and experience to plan, model and specify electrical networks, including all plant and equipment.

Why choose EPS?

Expert Electrical Engineering Support: The quality of our Engineering Team, provide our customers with an exceptional service. First-class degree educated and experienced Chartered Electrical Engineers with a keen eye for detail, work together to ensure the highest quality standards are maintained in every aspect of engineering. We are ISO9001 certified and AchillesFPAL approved with a growing range of industry-recognised credentials and accreditations.

Optimise performance: EPS have established a very strong track record of helping our clients optimise and expand their electrical systems. We enable leadership teams to re-engineer existing resources for business process improvements.

Reduce overheads: At EPS, our overheads are low and these savings are passed on to our customers. We always strive to provide quality, cost-effective services. Fixed price contracts, time and material, and framework agreements are provided to customers.

Utilise flexibility: Tell us how you want us to work with you, be it locally or internationally, on- or off-site, for one-off or regular projects on long- or short-term bases. Enlist our expertise on your terms.

Comply with regulators: Our team at EPS are knowledgeable in all Electrical Engineering regulatory matters affecting your sector, we can assist with compliance to regulators’ guidelines, standards and rules.

Risk management: We undertake detailed feasibility and conceptual studies, including Front End Engineering Design to undertake due diligence to ensure projects are undertaken according to engineering standards. This provides you with peace of mind with the assurance that your project is viable and quality is assured.

Tailored for your requirements: We recognise that one customer’s needs are different from another’s. By focusing on each customer’s unique requirements, overcome your unique challenges with the optimal, tailor-made combination of services.

One-stop delivery: With an impressive portfolio of electrical engineering consultancy and design services, conveniently choose a one-stop-shop supplier with a single point of contact.

Gain a trusted partner: A high-level of transparency and integrity is the cornerstone of our pursuit to exceed customers’ expectations. EPS will be your trusted advisor acting as an extension to your team and delivering engineering solutions.

Future-proof your business: We can identify investment opportunities for clients, by investigating and highlighting opportunities to enhance efficiency, let EPS safeguard your organisation’s future.

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