Earthing Survey Audits

Earthing systems are an integral component of electrical installations; they ensure the safe dissipation of electrical faults and prevent hazards. At Engineering Power Solutions (EPS), we deliver thorough earthing survey audits to assess your earthing infrastructure’s efficiency, safety, and compliance. Our primary goal is to identify and mitigate risks and hazards within your electrical drainage systems. To further ensure safety and compliance with relevant electrical safety regulations, we also offer recommendations for improvements in your earthing system design.

Our Approach

The process of evaluating earthing systems within electrical assets consists of a thorough review of the following aspects:

  • Earthing Design: This involves assessing the adequacy of an earthing system’s design in order to meet electrical safety standards.
  • Installation: We verify that the earthing system is correctly installed as per the specifications.
  • Maintenance: EPS evaluates your ongoing maintenance practices to ensure they meet health and safety requirements.
  • Testing Procedures: We review the methods and frequency of testing to confirm your system’s effectiveness.


A close up image of an Earthing Switch Local Control Unit

When to Arrange an Earthing Survey Audit?

  • Audits should be conducted as part of routine maintenance to ensure ongoing safety and compliance.
  • After significant modifications or expansions to your electrical assets, earthing survey audits should be conducted. These audits will ensure that your systems are still up-to-date.
  • In response to a hazard or incidentan audit may be required immediately in the event of an electrical incident or the identification of a potential hazard. This is to assess and resolve any issues.
  • Audits are necessary if you are concerned about the quality of the power in your electrical network.
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What Standards Govern Electrical Earthing Systems?

Regular earthing system and lightning protection surveys are a central part of compliance with UK and international electrical safety standards, including:
  • BS 7430: Code of practice for protective earthing of power installations
  • BS EN 50522: Earthing of power installations > 1 kV AC
  • IEC/BS EN 62305: Protection against lightning, including risk management, protection of physical structures, and protection of electronic and electrical systems
  • BS EN 62561: – Lightning Protection system Components
  • UL 467: Grounding and bonding equipment

How Earthing Survey Audits Enhance Operations

Gain insights into the role of an earthing system audit for electrical installations and how electrical engineering consultancies enhance safety and compliance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Identifying and Mitigating Safety Hazards
  • Compliance with Standards
  • Protection of Electrical Equipment
  • Planning for Future Growth


Why Choose EPS?

Our team brings extensive experience in electrical engineering and earthing systems. We not only identify issues but also provide practical solutions to ensure the safety and reliability of your electrical infrastructure.