Offshore Oil & Gas

Meeting Critical Energy Demands with Proven Oil & Gas Expertise

With volatile commodity pricing and ever-evolving environmental pressures, the oil & gas industry faces significant financial and regulatory challenges. Now more than ever, offshore platforms and onshore facilities are required to adopt cost-conscious strategies to remain viable in turbulent markets.

With over a decade of proven expertise in delivering tailored energy projects, Engineering Power Solutions (EPS) serves as a trusted electrification partner capable of facing the growing complexities of the offshore oil & gas industry.

Oil and Gas Offshore Platform at Night
Oil and Gas FPSO - structure close up during the day

Our Approach

Our highly experienced engineers can provide FEED study/power system modelling and design services to support your project whether it’s a bespoke solution or making modifications / adding additional equipment to your existing power system.

Whether it’s a power system study for the entire platform, an FPSO electrical distribution system, or a modification/ expansion to the existing electrical system, we can provide you with the following technical services:

  • Specialist Consultancy
  • Load flow analysis studies.
  • Short circuit studies.
  • Transient Motor Starting Studies.
  • Harmonic analysis.
  • Protection coordination.
  • Arc Flash and switchgear risk assessments.
  • Independent project cost estimates.
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Typical Offshore Oil & Gas Projects

Most operators and service companies are seeking a low-cost base solution for minor project work that does not involve all the additional costs associated with large EPC companies. EPS can help you with low-cost engineering & design for the following projects:

  • UPS Replacements
  • Arc Flash Studies
  • Power System Modelling
  • MCC/ Switchboard Replacements
  • Helideck Lighting to CAPA37 Standards
  • Temporary Diesel Generator Integration
  • Power Management System Modifications (Also for Decommissioning)
  • Lighting Additions/ Modifications
  • Electrical Supplies to Pump Skids
  • MCC/ Switchboard Cubicle Specifications

In addition to the above work scopes, we provide comprehensive work packs, such as detailed installation methods, cable routing details, materials, and test certificates. Once commissioned, we’ll produce the as-built drawings.


  • Temporary Diesel Generator integration into existing power systems
  • Power Management System modifications (inter-platform power generation)
  • Electrical decommissioning load lists (schedules)
  • Migration of power supplies and UPS supplies
  • Power System Modelling
  • Reduced protection settings (for reduced power generation capacity)

Drawing and Consolidation Work

Many platforms over the years have undertaken refurbishment or long-life extension projects involving the creation of additional drawings that are either no longer required or confuse offshore personnel as to the latest revision. EPS can help you consolidate these drawings to assist your technicians:

  • Utilising existing drawings and combining them into one ‘up to date’ drawing e.g. key single line drawings.
  • UPS key single line drawings.
  • Topside subsea key line drawing consolidation.

Using electrical engineering software such as SKM Power Tools, ETAP, ERACs, IPSA or DigSILENT our electrical engineers can provide you with a study report for your power system.

Equipment documentation

If you’re looking to replace some existing equipment and require a data sheet or specification to purchase this equipment then EPS can provide this technical service; typical documentation for projects may include:

  • Replacement emergency power generation panel specification, FAT scope, installation work scope.
  • UPS system specification, datasheet.
  • LV and HV switchboards / MCCs, specification, protection schedule, FAT scope.
  • DC Chargers specification, datasheet.
  • Equipment installation specification.
  • Cable jointing specification.
  • Condition monitoring specification, data sheets.

Additional services

  • Electrical, Instrumentation & Control offshore surveys.
  • Factory Acceptance Testing (national and international).
  • Providing cost-effective electrical design solutions for:
  • Helideck lighting electrical design to meet CAP437 requirements.
  • Trace heating design for example additional Pressure Transmitters.
  • Lighting design and power supplies for example a new platform/ skid.

Why Choose EPS?

All of our chartered electrical engineers have offshore experience and certificates for offshore wind and offshore oil & gas assignments/ projects including BOISET, MIST and EBS. We collectively bring together chartered engineers and experienced designers who have many years of experience working in oil and gas hubs such as Aberdeen and London. EPS Chartered engineers are accustomed to the offshore industry standards and practices working to strict EPS quality procedures, ISO9001, and ISO45001.