Best Software To Carry Out Grid Code Compliance In 2023

With the increasing integration of renewable energy sources into power systems, frequency and voltage control have become critical to maintaining the reliability of the grid. To minimise risks and ensure compliance with grid codes and interconnection and evacuation criteria, it is essential to incorporate the right software tools into system design.

As an experienced electrical engineering consultancy, we can provide professional advice about the best software for grid code compliance. In this article, we will outline some of the software tools available in 2023.

Screenshots of grid compliance software - ETAP and DIgSILENT with a software themed background.


ETAP is a comprehensive software solution that assists in the design, analysis, protection, optimisation, operation, and maintenance of renewable energy systems. By utilising a model-driven electrical digital twin, it can generate accurate forecasts of energy yields and capabilities based on the dynamics of the facility and network. With ETAP, you can simulate various scenarios and evaluate system performance under different conditions, enabling effective grid code compliance.


DIgSILENT provides powerful capabilities to perform online audits of grid code compliance. It offers reliable information on energy system performance optimisation and generates automatic reports to highlight relevant issues. DIgSILENT allows you to assess and validate system behaviour, ensuring that your renewable energy projects comply with grid codes and regulations.


IPSAA offers fully integrated analysis modules suitable for protection grading, harmonic compliance, power flow, and fault level calculations. With IPSAA, AC and DC networks can be accurately modelled, ensuring that the renewable energy system meets grid code requirements. This software provides comprehensive tools for system analysis, enabling efficient grid integration and compliance.

Investing In Grid Code Compliance

An energy system represents a significant investment and grid code compliance is crucial for the smooth operation of the power plant. Therefore, it’s well worth investing in the best software to mitigate the risks associated with renewable energy’s variable nature and optimise system performance. By investing in the right software, such as ETAP, DIgSILENT, and IPSAA, you will benefit from:

  • Increased reliability: Grid code compliance software helps maintain the reliability of the power system by addressing concerns related to frequency and voltage control. This ensures a consistent and stable electricity supply to consumers.
  • Enhanced efficiency: By accurately modelling and analysing system performance, grid code compliance software enables the power plant optimisation and efficient operation of renewable energy systems, resulting in better financial returns and lower operational costs.
  • Regulatory compliance: Adhering to grid codes and interconnection criteria is vital to meet regulatory requirements and obtain the necessary permits and certifications. Compliance software helps to streamline the process and ensures that your renewable energy projects meet the necessary standards.

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