What Are Electrical Engineering Consultancies and How Can They Benefit Your Business?

In the power generation, manufacturing, and heavy industry sectors, well-functioning electrical power systems are crucial to a wide range of processes. Due to the complexity and scale of modern industry’s power requirements, it’s often not feasible to have sufficient in-house technical expertise for every detail of a project. This is where engineering consultancy services comes in. Engineering consultancy services provide you with the specialist help you need through design, planning, maintenance and strategic development.

A diagram which displays some of the typical projects an electrical engineering consultancy undertakes.

When Do I Need Electrical Consultancy Services?

It’s not always practical or economical to have all the knowledge in-house for every electrical application you might encounter in your industry. You may also require support to determine the best design solution for certain electrical applications. For example, you may be intending for a critical infrastructure overhaul, trying to solve technical issues with an existing control system, or needing technical advice to improve performance. In these cases, it makes sense to draw on extra help from an experienced electrical consultancy partner like EPS.

Electrical engineering consultants offer specialist knowledge and experience for short-term projects, and provide a support network for your in-house electrical engineers to draw on in longer term operations. A consultant can advise on the resources you’ll need at the start of a project, as well as the best design solutions to meet your goals, compliance requirements, and budget. Consultants can also offer valuable ongoing strategic technical advice on considerations ranging from health and safety to productivity.

What Does an Electrical Engineering Consultant Do?

Engineering consultancy covers a wide range of services, depending on your industrial needs, as well as the complexity and scale of the job at hand. When you hire consultants, you can expect them to have the expertise and experience to make sure your project runs smoothly with no nasty surprises.

As a business, you have strategic objectives, and it’s a consultant’s job to tailor the system’s designs to meet your specific requirements. As the project proceeds, they will be able to spot technical issues early so they can be more easily resolved. Electrical engineering consultants can also help foresee changes so that your power distribution is adequate for your current and future needs.

How Does Electrical Consulting Help My Business?

Having access to established expertise can bring benefits through all stages of a project. Consultants can help you to determine your requirements early on, for instance, so you don’t waste money on resources you don’t need. Plus, planning and timescales will be more accurate, so you can allocate budgets reliably. Engineering service consultants help you identify and minimise technical risks and can conduct safety and performance surveys to keep operations on track.

Expert Electrical Engineering Consultancy Services From EPS

At EPS, we have extensive expertise in developing power systems from the concept, survey and design to project and construction management, as well as day to day technical engineering support. We work alongside customers to optimise their in-house resources and deliver cost-effective project outcomes. To find out more or to request support with your next project, please get in touch with our consultancy team.

Given the tight deadlines and budget restraints, the level of service Engineering Power Solutions provided was outstanding. The offshore UPS consolidation project was engineered and designed to the platform’s requirements and offshore standards minimising platform shutdowns.

Mr Low – Petrofac Oil&Gas