3 Key Reasons Why You Should Use Battery Energy Storage Systems

Battery energy storage systems (BESS) are becoming increasingly popular as a power management and cost saving strategy in the UK energy sector, as they offer a variety of benefits that can make power stations more efficient and reliable while reducing emissions. In this article, we look at three key reasons why you should consider using a BESS solution within your power network.

Large-scale battery storage systems

But First, What Is A Battery Energy Storage System?

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are devices that allow renewable energy such as solar and wind power, or energy drawn from the mains or a generator, to be stored and released when needed.

A BESS can provide a continuous power supply of energy regardless of the time of day, making them extremely beneficial from a financial perspective by being able to supply power during peak periods, when electricity rates are traditionally at their highest.

1) Operational Cost Savings

BESS devices reduce the cost of operations by storing excess energy for later use when demand is high. When there is an increased demand for electricity, utilities can tap into their stored energy instead of having to purchase additional power from other sources at a higher cost. A BESS is also more economical than an ‘always on’ power system, reducing overheads by allowing energy planners to match power output to demand, so that energy is not wasted.

2) Improved Reliability

A bespoke BESS improves the reliability and performance of power plants by providing an additional backup source of energy to address unexpected fluctuations in electricity demand or supply. This ensures that plants can consistently provide electricity to their customers/applications without interruption or disruption, even during periods of peak usage or when there is a sudden drop in production from other sustainable – but often unreliable – sources such as wind or solar power. Improved reliability results in greater levels of uptime, fewer unexpected faults, and less blackouts and overloads.

3) Reduced Emissions

By using stored energy instead of relying on traditional fossil fuel-generated electricity, BESS devices reduce emissions from power plants and other sources. This is especially important for meeting environmental targets set by governments around the world (including the UK government’s Net Zero 2050 goal – which strongly affect all organisations in the energy sector), as well as helping to mitigate climate change at an organisational level.

Battery Energy Storage System Design

With a custom-designed Battery energy storage system that matches the performance needs of your application, you can reduce the environmental impact of your day-to-day activities with reduced carbon emissions and improved energy efficiency.

With increasing advancements in battery technology and sustainable design, modern BESS systems are becoming more affordable than ever before — making them an ideal choice for any project looking to unlock the potential of renewable energies as a cost saving and productivity boosting strategy, as opposed to a purely environmental measure.

Electrical Engineering Consultancy Services From EPS

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