How Power System Studies Prevent Production Downtime

Many new EPS clients contact us as in a state of panic because of a major unplanned production outages caused by power loss. However, we have found that these unplanned outages could have been easily avoided. A power system study consists of a series of investigations that are carried out to ascertain that a power system is efficient, reliable, and safe under a range of conditions, both normal and abnormal.

The data that we obtain from a power system study is vital to ensure workplace efficiency and safety; for example, it can be used to minimise damage to critical equipment by optimising the fault-clearing abilities of protective devices, or to calculate the required level of personal protective equipment for different network scenarios.

What is the Purpose of Power System Studies?

There are various elements of power system analysis, so the reasons for arranging a power system study are wide-ranging. Studies are conducted over three different time periods – transient, dynamic, and static – and are essential for any new electrical system installation, modernisation, improvement, or expansion.

There are several purposes for carrying out a power system study including:

Reducing the Frequency of Electrical Safety Incidents
All employers have a responsibility to protect staff from harm by controlling hazards and implementing effective preventative measures. A power system study is a vital procedure with any system renovation, modification, or expansion, to prevent dangerous incidents, such as an arc flash, which can cause injuries, including third-degree burns, and even death.

Ensuring a Well-Maintained and Reliable Power System
A power system study allows the condition of individual machine components to be assessed, so that any problems are identified quickly. Better system reliability is achieved by extending the lifespan of critical equipment and preventing premature component failure, thereby reducing downtime and reactive maintenance.

Preventing Unexpected Damage to Equipment and the Associated Costs.
Sudden and unforeseen electrical incidents can cause substantial and, often, irreparable damage to equipment. Yet these situations are often avoidable, as a power system analysis will unveil potential risks and provide effective preventive solutions. 

Safeguarding Business Operations via Improved Reliability
A power system study will cut expenditure by ensuring that electrical systems operate efficiently while highlighting areas of infrastructure that require upgrading. The result: more reliable systems and equipment, with fewer periods of downtime, greater energy efficiency, and lower maintenance overheads.

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