Do You Value Your Own HV Private Network?

The Evolution of HV Private Networks in the UK

In 1990, the privatisation of electricity Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) in the UK marked a transformative shift, ushering in a new era overseen by Ofgem. This change had significant implications for the management of High-Voltage (HV) private networks.

Privatisation had resulted in the discontinuation of Maintenance Agreements between local DNOs and industries managing private HV networks. This shift created a void, leading to the emergence of new entities to manage these networks. However, a significant number of HV networks remained unmanaged, posing potential risks.

HV System

Risks of Unmanaged High-Voltage Networks

Organisations ranging from heavy heavy steelworks to educational campuses often respond reactively to power supply failures which effect production. With the absence of agreements and extended lead times for vital HV equipment such as cables, transformers, and switchgear, operational downtime is exacerbated. Some companies rely on their own personnel to manage such failures, whereas others don’t see this as a core business function and deem it an avoidable expense.

EPS’s Expertise in Enhancing HV Network Efficiency

Recognising the necessity for safe and resilient power supplies to High-Voltage networks, Engineering Power Solutions (EPS) provides a comprehensive review service. Our Chartered Electrical Engineers assess the asset life and the efficiency of HV infrastructures, establishing an asset database. This proactive approach guides organisations in identifying HV equipment that needs to be replaced whilst ensuring future-readiness for infrastructure expansions, including renewable energy integrations.

Protection Settings
Correct protection settings are crucial for the timely isolation of faulted HV equipment, maintaining essential power supplies to the rest of the network. We specialise in providing in-depth setting calculations, giving confidence in accurate and swift system discrimination within private networks.

Ageing Assets
With ageing networks Arc Flash is becoming more relevant to the operation of equipment, we carry out full network short circuit and load flow studies to identify the possible failures of your equipment, giving your personnel the comfort of operating the equipment safely. 

Compliance and Responsibility
As the owner of a private network, you have a duty of care through The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 to ensure your network is being operated and maintained in a safe and secure manner. EPS can help by ensuring your electrical assets are maintained to meet these regulations and for the design of any future developments on your Private Network.

Next Steps

At EPS our engineers have a combined experience of 68 years in managing HV networks. Our services are available to companies involved in the industrial, energy, and manufacturing sectors. You can find more information and case studies on our website, or feel free to call one of our friendly advisers to find out more.

Given the tight deadlines and budget restraints, the level of service Engineering Power Solutions provided was outstanding. The offshore UPS consolidation project was engineered and designed to the platform’s requirements and offshore standards minimising platform shutdowns.

Mr Low – Petrofac Oil&Gas