Over the years EPS has provided engineering and design services to 65 UK renewable energy projects since the introduction of the Feed-in-Tariff. The professional technical services included conceptual design, assistance to connect to the distribution network, detailed design, earthing studies and transformer energisation studies to name a few. We can offer technical electrical support for your onshore and offshore wind turbines, hydro, tidal, solar and anaerobic digestion plant projects.

Specialist grid connection consultancy services:

  • Renewable energy conceptual designs to integrate the renewable energy system into the existing building / manufacturing plants electrical system.
  • Grid connection support for power generation systems for Low Voltage (415V), Medium Voltage (6.6kV and 11kV), High Voltage from 33kV up to 132kV grid connections.
  • Grid connection application forms.
  • Transformer energisation studies.
  • Energy efficiency calculations.
  • Feed in Tariff revenue calculations.
  • Soil resistivity testing.
  • Reactive and active power flow studies (kVAr and kW).
  • Earthing solutions for substations and power generation equipment.
  • Solution provider for onshore and offshore condition monitoring equipment.

Engineering & design:

Due to the high capital expenditure costs associated with renewable generation technology EPS can provide you with a cost effective electrical design for your installation. Typical documentation EPS has provided to previous renewable energy installations include:

  • Substation and plant layout drawings.
  • Electrical protection calculations for both LV and HV equipment.
  • Substation lighting and small power supplies.
  • Earthing and lightning conductor design.
  • High Voltage and Low Voltage equipment specifications.
  • Cable routing drawings.
  • Cable calculations for both Low Voltage and High Voltage cable networks.
  • Bill of Materials.
  • Project capital cost estimates.

Specialist Consultancy:

Using electrical engineering software such as SKM Power Tools, ETAP, ERACs, IPSA or DigSILENT our electrical engineers can provide you with a study report for your power system.

Whether it’s a power system study for the entire wind farm, solar farm, hydro electrical distribution system or a modification / addition to the electrical system EPS can provide you with the following technical services:

  • Transformer energisation studies.
  • Load flow analysis studies.
  • Short circuit studies.
  • Transient Motor Starting Studies.
  • Harmonic analysis.
  • Protection co-ordination.
  • Arc Flash and switchgear risk assessments.
  • Electrical thermal imaging survey reports.

Additional services:

  • Attend meeting with the DNO (Distributed Network Operator), SSE, Scottish Hydro, Northern Powergrid, Western Power etc.
  • Provide solutions to grid connection issues.
  • Offshore and onshore surveys.
  • Factory Acceptance Testing.
  • Mechanical and electrical thermal imaging reports for wind turbine machinery, gearboxes, braking systems, generator, electrical equipment (onshore and offshore).

Typical projects:

Whether your project is an offshore or onshore installation we have the expertise and experience to drive your project forward no matter how large or how small:

  • Nacelle, tower, platform lighting or warning beacon.
  • LV or HV grid connection (wind turbine, solar farm, hydro, anaerobic digestion plant, bio diesel).
  • Auxiliary supplies to retrofit equipment.
  • Grid connection of auxiliary loads.
  • Onshore outdoor / indoor plant lighting and small power.
  • HV and LV electrical protection co-ordination.
  • Modification to existing electrical installations.
  • Additional power generation plant to existing network.
  • Reactive power compensation solutions.
  • kW generation curtailment / control.
  • Offshore wind turbine routine thermal imaging – gearboxes, generators, invertors.
  • Wind turbine remote / condition monitoring.