Earthing Survey Audits

At Engineering Power Solutions, we deliver tailored earthing survey audits to identify the appropriate earthing design and lightning protection solutions for your network installation, and ensure that your protection systems operate correctly during an electrical fault.

What is An Earthing System Site Audit?

An earthing system audit tests the effectiveness of your earthing system and its compliance with all relevant electrical safety regulations and guidelines. As part of the audit, we can also make recommendations for improvements in your earthing design, increasing electrical safety for operators and equipment in high voltage applications.

Regular earthing system and lightning protection surveys are a central part of compliance with UK and international electrical safety standards, including:

  • BS 7430 – code of practice for protective earthing of power installations
  • BS EN 50522 – earthing of power installations > 1kv AC
  • IEC/ BS EN 62305 – protection against lightning, including risk management, protection of physical structures, and protection of electronic and electrical systems
  • BS EN 62561 – lightning protection system components
  • UL 467 – grounding and bonding equipment

Benefits Of An Earthing System Audit From EPS

An earthing system audit provides a range of safety and efficiency benefits for your electrical systems.

  • Verifies the integrity of your earthing systems
  • Identifies faulty installations and repairs
  • Ensures compliance with electrical safety legislation and guidelines
  • Protects network assets from damage
  • Makes recommendations for upgrades and improvements
  • Safety-tests your protection systems under simulated conditions

Why is Earthing System Design Important?

An earthing system is a central part of every electrical network and installation and is an essential to ensure both efficient operation and electrical safety if a fault occurs. Having the correct systems and safeguards in place is required by various regulations and legal codes of practice in the UK, so an earthing survey audit is a core element of compliance, as well as risk mitigation for equipment, staff, and instrumentation.

When To Arrange An Earthing Survey Audit?

There are several circumstances in which you might require an earthing system survey audit, such as:

  • After installing a new electrical network or making modifications to an existing network
  • While investigating the cause of equipment failure
  • During an electrical safety review or risk assessment
  • If you are concerned about power quality in your electrical network

To find out more about our bespoke earthing survey audits or to book a site study with one of our experienced team of electrical safety engineers, please get in touch