A Step By Step Guide To Electrical Power System Studies

Power system studies are an essential element of planning and maintenance for electrical systems. They help to assess performance in ordinary day to day running, as well as active and potential faults. Power system analysis can also predict the resilience of a system in the event of unexpected events. (more…)

How Often Is An Arc Flash Study Required?

An arc flash occurs when a fault in an electrical system results in a sudden discharge of energy, causing a sudden burst of heat and light. Arc flashes can disrupt power supplies, damage equipment and, most importantly, may cause serious injury and even fatality. A full arc flash assessment is the…

The Key Benefits of Digital Twin Technology That You Must Know About

Digital twins are a key piece of the digital transformation puzzle. They create an accurate virtual replica of physical objects, assets, and systems to boost productivity, streamline operations and increase profits. (more…)

Who Benefits From a Power System Analysis?

Electrical systems form a vital part of the infrastructure of commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. It is important to keep power running smoothly, without interruption, whatever the circumstances. A power system analysis can identify performance issues in day to day running, as well as any projected improvements or maintenance requirements. (more…)

5 Ways You Can Reduce The Risk Of Arc Flash

Arc flashes pose a significant hazard to electrical systems operatives. They can cause damage to equipment as well as severe injury or even death to personnel. However, with proper arc flash safety procedures in place it is possible to reduce the risk significantly. (more…)