EPS recently completed work to replace LED ATEX light fittings installed within an explosive environment. The project involved lighting design, supply and installation of over 200 light fittings and several junction boxes. The project will contribute to saving energy costs and costs associated with replacing old fluorescent light tubes.

Marine Switchboard Replacement Project

EPS has been awarded a contract to replace four 440V switchboards for an Oil&Gas vessel (FPSO) located in the UK Continental Shelf (UKSCS). Offering the complete Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) solution EPS has been requested to undertake the Front End Engineering Design (FEED), detailed design, project management, planning, supply and construction. The FEED began several weeks ago with detailed design due to commence in December.

33 kV Subsea Power Re-configuration Project

Two of the three platforms generated power for to supply all three platforms. Marathon Oil proposed to decommission one of the platforms which operated with three Gas Turbine Generators and the remaining generating platform supporting the non generating platform. The power management system that manages the power flow between all three platforms was complex.

Marathon Oil requested EPS to carry out a number of transient motor starting scenarios to determine whether the existing 33 kV power network would enable a 4.35 MW motor to start on their East Brae platform. The main concern was whether the limited power generation would maintain a voltage within a transient starting voltage dip limitation of no less than 20%.

At the time Marathon Oil did not have a detailed work scope, EPS assisted in creating a work scope in the form of a project plan, the plan consisted of a structured logical plan to help Marathon achieve decommissioning of the Bravo within a certain time period. EPS set and achieved the realistic delivery dates for the following activities:


  • Dynamic motor and load model creation
  • Gas turbine generator dynamic model
  • Check and verify the existing power system model (originally constructed some time ago for an arc flash study)
  • Power system Transient stability model
  • Transient motor starting report
  • FEED study report
  • Offshore motor starting measurement recording
  • Determination of worst case events and scenarios
  • A new 33 kV topside ‘T’ connection solution incorporating new 33 kV switchgear to supply a decommissioning load
  • Interplatform protection schemes and designs
  • Transformer tap setting optimisation (once the Brae Bravo has been removed)
  • Statement of Requirements for 40 MVA transformer energisation studies
  • Transformer energisation studies
  • Worst case scenario transformer energisation scenarios and events
  • Platform neutral earthing schemes and solutions

Load flow, short circuit and protection analysis with an arc flash study revision followed.

Oil&Gas FPSO Subsea Tie Back Project

EPS was requested to provide a power system study for HV power and increased LV load to accommodate increased oil production rates for a vessel located offshore. The existing Gas Turbine Generators (GTG’s) are to be upgraded to accommodate this. This is to allow 3 out of 4 GTGs to operate during normal operation with the 4th GTG only being required during oil offloading operations. EPS completed the power system study to assess Load Flow, Short Circuit and Transient Motor Starting. The study provided recommendations to mitigate the high short circuit levels due to the increased power generation and voltage dips associated with starting a new 3.5 MW Gas Compressor.

Oil&Gas Dive Support Vessel

EPS has recently completed an electrical protection co-ordination study using ETAP power system modelling software for one of our clients supporting the North Sea Oil&Gas industry. The study reported several areas of concern and addressed where the protection could be improved to prevent future outages out at sea.

Oil& Gas Diving Vessel

EPS recently completed an Arc Flash Energy study for another offshore dive support vessel comprising of offshore surveys, ETAP power system model development and an arc flash energy mitigation report. The report detailed what measures should be put in place to make the electrical distribution system safe and put in place workable solutions to deal with high arc flash energy levels.

Biomass Gas Plant

EPS was awarded a contract to provide power quality analyser services for several biomass plants located around the UK. All too often we are finding poor quality electrical design and installations where catastrophic failures have occurred due to inadequate engineering. The power study determined what caused the failures and recommended the corrective actions required to prevent future catastrophic failures.