Arc Flash Detection Systems

An arc flash is a mass of heat and pressure caused by a switchgear fault, not only does it cause power outages but it can also result in loss of business, extensive material damage and can seriously jeopardise the safety of operational staff. Arc detection and protection systems measures fault current and light via arc sensor channels and should a fault occur, minimises burning time by quickly cutting off the current feeding the arc.

Traditional arc protection methods do not provide fast enough protection and short arc burning times are critical, especially when the arc develops during maintenance work on the switchgear, jeopardising personal safely and life.  Secure your assets, the safety of staff and the future of your power system today using ultra-fast arc protection products.

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The latest offering from EPS is the innovative VAMP 321. Combining the reliable technology of the VAMP 50 and 200 series and that of the VAMP 221 arc flash protection system, the VAMP 321 offers a safe and technologically advanced solution for protection and control, in just one product.

Total fault clearing time typically:

Outgoing feeder 50 (relay) + 60 (CB)
= 110 ms (+ Auto-reclosing)
Incoming feeder 350 (relay)+ 60 (CB)
= 410 ms

Resistance Earthed Network

Earth-fault relay operation times are typically set high, thus burning times of high-impedance type arc faults are prolonged.

Typically the burning time of an arc fault should be limited to less than 100 ms in order to avoid major damage. Burning times of nearly half a second will most certainly cause considerable damage in the switchgear installation.

Total fault clearing time typically:

Outgoing/ingoing feeders 7 ms (relay) + 60 ms (CB)
= 67 ms
Resistance Earthed Network
Fault clearance in 57 – 67 ms
The conventional MV protection schemes have traditionally been complemented by implementing busbar differential schemes. The differential scheme implementations are typically expensive due to extra CT’s needed and complicated engineering and wiring. Busbar protection systems based on interlockings are slow, minimum operating time usually being 100 ms + CB time. A modern arc protection system provides though a very cost-effective high-speed busbar protection for air insulated MV switchgears.

Standard Manufacturers Warranty: 2 years

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