Lightning Protection Design

EPS are an electrical engineering design and consultancy business offering lightning protection design services to customers in a range of industries.

Why Do You Need Lightning Protection?

Without adequate safeguards and earthing systems in place, lightning poses a serious risk to electrical networks, and can cause severe damage to critical and high-value assets, as well as electrical wiring and infrastructure.

What We Do

Some installations have a greater risk of lightning damage than others, so we take a tailored approach to each design requirement, based on the needs of each customer’s application. An offshore oil and gas installation, or exposed windfarm, for example, will have different needs to a petrochemical processing plant or manufacturing business.

Our lightning protection design service assesses the risk from lightning to your assets and personnel and mitigates this risk by building effective protection and prevention measures into your earthing system design.

Prevention and Risk Mitigation

The most effective lightning protection strategy is to prevent lightning from striking sensitive electrical installations and structures. This is achieved by safely earthing the electrical current and diverting it away from vulnerable systems, thus preventing damage to critical assets.

Engineering Power Solutions are an ISO 9001 certified electrical engineering business with extensive experience delivering bespoke lightning protection solutions for customers in high-risk areas and vulnerable installations. We deliver cost-effective and efficient solutions that offer optimum safety and compliance with electrical safety regulations – minimising shutdowns and the risk from lightning damage.

Our Services Include:

  • Lightning protection risk assessments (compliant with IEC/BS EN 62305)
  • Condition assessments
  • Integrated lightning protection, high-voltage earthing, and grounding system design
  • CAD-compatible technical drawings
  • Inspections and safety audits
  • Performance testing – with simulated virtual lightning strike scenarios to test the efficiency of your protection system
  • Technical support throughout the project
  • Ongoing electrical safety consultancy


All our lightning protection designs comply with the latest UK regulations and safety standards, including:

  • IEC / BS / EN 62305 – Protection against lightning
  • BS 6651 Lightning protection for structures
  • NFPA 780 – installation standards for lightning protection systems

Next steps

At EPS, we offer comprehensive earthing system design services and site surveys that identify the best design and systems to optimise electrical safety on your premises.

If you have concerns about lightning striking your electrical installation or would like to find more about our lightning protection design services, please get in touch with one of our electrical consultants today.