Earthing Design Services

Earthing Design Services

At Engineering Power Solutions (EPS), we provide tailored earthing design services to customers in a range of industry and power generation sectors, identifying areas of electrical risk, protecting critical assets, and improving health and safety.

Our team of CDEGs-trained research engineers and earthing consultants have over 10 years’ experience delivering earthing design solutions to the highest UK, IEC, IEEE, and international electrical safety standards.

The EPS Electrical Earthing Design Process

Using the latestCurrent Distribution, Electromagnetic, Grounding, and Soil (CDEGs) analysis and Finite Element Analysis (FES) software, we follow a robust and flexible earthing system design process that can accommodate any electrical safety requirement.

Tailoring our approach to the needs of each customer, our earthing design solutions can include a variety of interrelated studies, calculations, and analyses:

  • Electrical earthing system design
  • Fault current distribution modelling
  • Rise of earth potential (ROEP) studies
  • Interference studies
  • Onsite surveys and assessments
  • Onsite FOP measurements
  • Soil resistivity testing
  • Soil modelling and analysis
  • Post construction audits
  • Stray current studies
  • Identification of surface voltages (‘hot zones’)
  • Earthing policy formulation
  • CAD drawings of earthing layouts
  • Touch and step voltage safety calculations
  • Earth Potential Rise (EPR)
  • Fault current distribution

The result is an electrical earthing system designed around the needs of your application, which mitigates electrical hazards and ensures the safety of personnel and equipment.

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Soil Resistivity Testing

Soil Resistivity Testing is of fundamental importance to every electrical earthing system design and underpins all safety and design considerations. Flaws in the soil resistivity testing process can undermine the quality and compliance of the entire earthing design. At EPS, therefore, we use high accuracy soil resistivity instruments for precision results in all ground types, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of your earthing system.

Compliance – design standards and codes of practice

Our earthing design systems comply with UK and international design standards and best practices for electrical safety.

BS EN 50522: Earthing of power installations exceeding 1 kV ac.

IEEE Std 80- 81: Safety in AC Substation Grounding.

BS 7340: Code of practice for protective earthing of electrical installations.

ENA TS 41–24: Guidelines for the design, installation, testing, and maintenance of main earthing systems in substations.

BS EN 50122: Railway applications Electrical safety, earthing and the return circuit.

EA Engineering Recommendation S34: ‘A Guide for Assessing the Rise of Earth Potential at Substation Sites’.

EA Engineering Recommendation S36: Procedure to identify and record “hot’ substations.

IEC 479-1: Effects of Current on Human Beings and Livestock.

ISIS Practice EPT/PPS/B014: Working Practices at Electricity Stations.

Please contact us for if you’d like to discuss industry-specific regulations or individual requirements.

Why choose EPS for your electrical earthing design requirements?

EPS are one of the UK’s leading providers of earthing design services, and are proud to serve customers in several key industry sectors:

  • Renewable energy: wind farms, solar farms.
  • Utilities.
  • Offshore oil & gas.
  • Petrochemical and process industries.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Power transmission and distribution.
  • Commercial data centres.
  • Railway infrastructure.
  • Defence facilities.

Our process is built around your requirements and schedule, with regular detailed technical reports and live project updates by phone or through MS Teams or Zoom. All our earthing design solutions are guaranteed for quality, safety, and full compliance with electrical regulations.

To find out more about our earthing design services or to request a free quote, please contact us today.