Arc Flash Training & Implementation

When hazards are known and steps have been taken to reduce them, implementation of arc flash risk into your electrical safety program can begin. The first step is to train your personnel to get familiar with arc flash hazards and how your electrical safety program has changed to account for them.

A typical training will last between half a day to a full day and cover the following items:

Introduction to arc flash hazard and terminology.
Explanation of your arc flash safety program and how it impacts current work methods.
How to read the arc flash hazard calculation report and link hazard calculations to work activities.
Selection of the right amount of PPE from an arc flash label.
Discussion of results of the arc flash hazard calculation report.
Selecting Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
For a practical solution to mitigate any remaining arc flash hazard, a system of PPE can be devised that covers all practical cases. For example a set of PPE for all employees that are exposed to adequately protect them in 80% of the cases, but comfortable enough for day to day work. Cases of high hazard will need additional PPE and may only be required occasionally, and not by all personnel.

Labelling equipment
The arc flash hazard calculation study will result in a worst-case incident energy for each location, including an arc flash boundary and required PPE to mitigate hazard. A label on each location will help in reminding workers of arc flash risk and the hazard at that location. Actual design of the labels is flexible, but the main purpose is to assist workers to work safely.

Changing policy
Work permits need to be extended to require an arc flash risk assessment, as well as the hazard at the location of the work and PPE requirements.

Intermediate Measures
Implementing the results and recommendations of an arc flash hazard calculation study takes time and there may be locations where work methods or PPE requirements need to be changed temporarily until implementation has finalised. High hazard locations may be marked for extra care during work permit generation.

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